Adjustment Ace Trophy

Modification tutorials

How to change the EPROM of an HSN2 handset

How to modify the VCO of a TMF1 to 70 cm band

How to modify the VCO of a TMN1 to 23 cm band

Modifications for IC-505 side tone and ALC

Modification for IC-706MKIIG, convert from American to European model

Fix for too loud volume on FT-847

9600 bps packet radio with TM-431

How to change the broken TM-431 display lamps to LEDs

TMF-1 TMN-1 MD50 MD59 ME59 ham firmware

The distribution site of the ham firmwarez and source code burned down to ashes at Strasbourg.

but they can now be found at github

- TMF-1 firmware version 5.0

- TMN-1 firmware version 5.0

- MD50 firmware version 3.182

- MD59 firmware version 3.182

- ME59 firmware version 3.182

Other information and links

Logarbiter daemon source code and binaries

My Ham Radio page

RAAPR - the Official Web Site

Mirrisivu - Pussy page

Encryption plugins (including IDEA) for irssi

How to roll your own Dynamic DNS with perl

RAAPR CA certificate, CRL and the Certification Practice Statement

Current radiation level in Tampere


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